Where to begin???

Many books have brought me to tears, to name a few:

‘The Other Hand’ by Chris Cleave

‘Before I Fall’ by Lauren Oliver

‘One Moment, One Morning’ by Sarah Rayner


‘Extremely Loud and Incredibly Close’  by Johnathon Safran Foer

I think the reason these books made me cry is because they shine a torch on the monsters in our closet, or the deepest fears of our heart: loss and lonliness.

Where a film can show you images, a book can conjure these images in your brain and then magnify them. Reading a book is journey, this can be one of entertainment, interest, intellect or emotions. Where a book has touched us it leaves a print on our hearts, and leaves us changed. Reading a book that is challenging emotionally can help us tap into those feelings which we have repressed. In reading the words, we let go of emotions we perhaps didn’t even know we were carrying. It can help us express what we cannot.

If a book has really affected me I like to write in the front, or back (depending on where the blank pages are) what I have learnt from this book and how it has changed the way I feel about something.

As you probably know, a book changes every time you read it. Or, of-course we’re just in a different stage in our lives when we re-visit a book. So a book may affect us differently the second, third, or forth time.

As you can see I am very passionate about this!    🙂