Scary movies used to be my ultimate favourite genre in my teens, without a doubt. The scarier the better. The more haunting the better, but I’ve never been a fan of gore ~ unless it’s totally unrealistic, like in the “Nighmare on Elm Street” collection. The older I’ve got the more soppy I’ve got, sad but true, and the less I watch scary movies. However, there are still some I’ll watch if they come on TV.

My favourite scary movie is:

  The Sixth Sense : Whilst not technically a scary movie it is my favourite. I love the suspense it creates and the way the audience becomes emotionally invested in the characters. And most of all I love the twist, though I won’t mention it because I don’t want to spoil it for those who haven’t seen it.

Other scary movies I rate highly:

The Nightmare on Elm Street Collection ~ definitely a guilty pleasure, these are more funny than scary but great all round.

 Pet Semetary based on the bestselling novel by Stephen King. This movie is gripping and actually scary (in my opinion).

Other Stephen King films that are definitely worth a watch are:

IT (be warned)

Carrie (the least scary if you want a gentle introduction to Stephen King)

The Shining (very clever)

The Langoliers (though maybe more of a thriller)

Dreamcatcher (a tad gory)

And at 24, I still have to watch the scary bits through a cushion, lol 🙂