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Scary movies used to be my ultimate favourite genre in my teens, without a doubt. The scarier the better. The more haunting the better, but I’ve never been a fan of gore ~ unless it’s totally unrealistic, like in the “Nighmare on Elm Street” collection. The older I’ve got the more soppy I’ve got, sad but true, and the less I watch scary movies. However, there are still some I’ll watch if they come on TV.

My favourite scary movie is:

  The Sixth Sense : Whilst not technically a scary movie it is my favourite. I love the suspense it creates and the way the audience becomes emotionally invested in the characters. And most of all I love the twist, though I won’t mention it because I don’t want to spoil it for those who haven’t seen it.

Other scary movies I rate highly:

The Nightmare on Elm Street Collection ~ definitely a guilty pleasure, these are more funny than scary but great all round.

 Pet Semetary based on the bestselling novel by Stephen King. This movie is gripping and actually scary (in my opinion).

Other Stephen King films that are definitely worth a watch are:

IT (be warned)

Carrie (the least scary if you want a gentle introduction to Stephen King)

The Shining (very clever)

The Langoliers (though maybe more of a thriller)

Dreamcatcher (a tad gory)

And at 24, I still have to watch the scary bits through a cushion, lol 🙂


I would like to preface this by saying I think that growing up is a continual process. I want to always be open to learn new things and new skills, and hope that these will change me. Growing up is over-rated 🙂

The albums I listened to most growing up were:

       Nirvana: Greatest Hits. I started listening to this album when I was in my early teens. This album is about (in my opinion) rebellion, pain, growing and is just beautiful. It is my experience that when teenagers first get into alternative music they start with Nirvana. This album started my musical journey. I have some wonderful memories attached to the songs on this album and slipping it into my CD player now I can be teleported back to that time musically. Music is a powerful cue for memory. I can hear the beginning to a song and a memory can pop up in my head.

   Garbage: Version 2.0. My best friend bought me this album when I was 12 and I still love it 12 years later. The songs on this album really tapped into my teen psyche. I struggled with self-esteem and romantic relationships and every song seemed to be able to speak to me about the way I was feeling. Beautiful.

  Marilyn Manson: The Golden Age of Grotesque. This album made me feel powerful. The songs are punchy, vibrant and pulse with life. You can tap into your darkside, but have fun doing it – if that makes sense?

And finally, last but by no means least:

 HIM: and love said no (Greatest Hits) : This album marked a transition from teen to tween. I started experimenting with who I wanted to be whilst listening to this album. It marks changes in romantic relationships as well as changes in self. This album also started a whole phase of obsession over the band, I even got a heartagram tattoo for my 18th birthday!

Thankyou for reading

Hello world! And so it begins….

Where to begin???

Many books have brought me to tears, to name a few:

‘The Other Hand’ by Chris Cleave

‘Before I Fall’ by Lauren Oliver

‘One Moment, One Morning’ by Sarah Rayner


‘Extremely Loud and Incredibly Close’  by Johnathon Safran Foer

I think the reason these books made me cry is because they shine a torch on the monsters in our closet, or the deepest fears of our heart: loss and lonliness.

Where a film can show you images, a book can conjure these images in your brain and then magnify them. Reading a book is journey, this can be one of entertainment, interest, intellect or emotions. Where a book has touched us it leaves a print on our hearts, and leaves us changed. Reading a book that is challenging emotionally can help us tap into those feelings which we have repressed. In reading the words, we let go of emotions we perhaps didn’t even know we were carrying. It can help us express what we cannot.

If a book has really affected me I like to write in the front, or back (depending on where the blank pages are) what I have learnt from this book and how it has changed the way I feel about something.

As you probably know, a book changes every time you read it. Or, of-course we’re just in a different stage in our lives when we re-visit a book. So a book may affect us differently the second, third, or forth time.

As you can see I am very passionate about this!    🙂

  This image got me to thinking about the way I am presenting myself at the age of 24. Given, I was 23 in this picture. This summer, when leaving a family member’s house I was visiting, I was asked if the glasses I were wearing (see pic) were actually mine or my 7 year old cousin’s! Apparently she has an indentical pair.

I’ve just read a very interesting article on ‘Peter Pan Syndrome’ which states that people in their early teens and beyond are stuck in a mental state of teenage-dom. And I agree. A lot of people this age have little responsibility so are able to perpetuate this state. Where’s the harm?, you ask. Well I believe that it’s all about balance. It would be wrong, in my opinion, to force people of this age into taking on responsibilties they’re not ready for. After all, everyone as to make their own choices.

Personally speaking, when I graduated I found it strange to be thrust into a world where I had to make my own way, after having the structure of education for so long!

I still find myself reverting into a state of un-adulthood in times of stress or illness. For example, I think there’s some comfort to be found in watching Disney films. It is a innocence thing I feel, a safe world created for the imagination to wander in for 1 hr 30 mins, or however long the film lasts. And, confession time, I do like to watch every new Disney film at the cinema. Furthermore, if you watch closely new Disney films tend to have references aimed particularly at an adult audience, for example in ‘Tangled’ the love-interest presents the the protagonist with his ‘smoulder’.

Now, I feel it would be a terrible tragedy if we couldn’t conjure up that feeling from time to time. As adults we’re forced to be ‘serious’ perhaps before we’re really ready, where often having fun is frowned upon, or there’s the risk of ‘having too much fun’ which makes me smile.

So, to conclude, whether it’s a state of teenage-dom we become stuck in for a while or younger, embrace it. Maybe the actual trouble comes from resisting these urges and becoming more and more serious and unhappy?

As in ‘The Dark Knight’, ‘Why so serious?’

Just a thought…

So, doing this Prince’s Trust course got me to thinking about audiences of different writing genres and whether there was any stereotypes and shame attached.

I had to list all the formats of writing I produce: blog, social media (facebook, twitter), short stories, poetry and novels.

Then I had to list all the genres I feel comfortable writing: literary fiction, horror, chick lit and dare I say erotica? There seems to be a bit of a cloud of shame around this particular area of fiction and personally I don’t see why. Now I admit that I enjoy writing erotic fiction, and why not? Why should erotic fiction be seen as lesser? Surely however the written word is used to communicate and tell stories is a beautiful thing. Writing is one of the basic means of communication, and to raise this to story form, no matter which genre is a skill in its own right?

I think that life is too short to limit yourself and that you should focus on your strengths and develop these, but most importantly you should enjoy what you are doing. I also believe that challenging yourself is beneficial too, it helps develop your craft further, even if the task you participate in doesn’t succeed at least you’ve learnt something.

Here endeth the sermon.


Hello again,

I was a wondering if it’s too early to feel christmassy after having my first woosh of christmassyness the other day? Am I losing my marbles or is this just the affect of over-commercialising christmas and me being a sucker to it? I was in a shop when I felt it. And the other time I was in a shop too. Hum, it’s worth wondering…

Or possibly, it could be because I had such an awful christmas last year and I want to make up for it?

And this got me to thinking: what signs do I usually have to feel that christmas is on it’s way?

1. The Coco Cola advert (the nice traditional one with the lorry)

2. The coldness brrrrrr

3. When the leaves are painted with frost that sparkles like glitter in the yellowy sunshine

4. Starting my advent calendar (which I still have, even at 24!) 🙂

5. Christmas music played in the shops

Oh now I’m feeling chrismassy again, lol