This image got me to thinking about the way I am presenting myself at the age of 24. Given, I was 23 in this picture. This summer, when leaving a family member’s house I was visiting, I was asked if the glasses I were wearing (see pic) were actually mine or my 7 year old cousin’s! Apparently she has an indentical pair.

I’ve just read a very interesting article on ‘Peter Pan Syndrome’ which states that people in their early teens and beyond are stuck in a mental state of teenage-dom. And I agree. A lot of people this age have little responsibility so are able to perpetuate this state. Where’s the harm?, you ask. Well I believe that it’s all about balance. It would be wrong, in my opinion, to force people of this age into taking on responsibilties they’re not ready for. After all, everyone as to make their own choices.

Personally speaking, when I graduated I found it strange to be thrust into a world where I had to make my own way, after having the structure of education for so long!

I still find myself reverting into a state of un-adulthood in times of stress or illness. For example, I think there’s some comfort to be found in watching Disney films. It is a innocence thing I feel, a safe world created for the imagination to wander in for 1 hr 30 mins, or however long the film lasts. And, confession time, I do like to watch every new Disney film at the cinema. Furthermore, if you watch closely new Disney films tend to have references aimed particularly at an adult audience, for example in ‘Tangled’ the love-interest presents the the protagonist with his ‘smoulder’.

Now, I feel it would be a terrible tragedy if we couldn’t conjure up that feeling from time to time. As adults we’re forced to be ‘serious’ perhaps before we’re really ready, where often having fun is frowned upon, or there’s the risk of ‘having too much fun’ which makes me smile.

So, to conclude, whether it’s a state of teenage-dom we become stuck in for a while or younger, embrace it. Maybe the actual trouble comes from resisting these urges and becoming more and more serious and unhappy?

As in ‘The Dark Knight’, ‘Why so serious?’

Just a thought…