So, doing this Prince’s Trust course got me to thinking about audiences of different writing genres and whether there was any stereotypes and shame attached.

I had to list all the formats of writing I produce: blog, social media (facebook, twitter), short stories, poetry and novels.

Then I had to list all the genres I feel comfortable writing: literary fiction, horror, chick lit and dare I say erotica? There seems to be a bit of a cloud of shame around this particular area of fiction and personally I don’t see why. Now I admit that I enjoy writing erotic fiction, and why not? Why should erotic fiction be seen as lesser? Surely however the written word is used to communicate and tell stories is a beautiful thing. Writing is one of the basic means of communication, and to raise this to story form, no matter which genre is a skill in its own right?

I think that life is too short to limit yourself and that you should focus on your strengths and develop these, but most importantly you should enjoy what you are doing. I also believe that challenging yourself is beneficial too, it helps develop your craft further, even if the task you participate in doesn’t succeed at least you’ve learnt something.

Here endeth the sermon.