Hello again,

I was a wondering if it’s too early to feel christmassy after having my first woosh of christmassyness the other day? Am I losing my marbles or is this just the affect of over-commercialising christmas and me being a sucker to it? I was in a shop when I felt it. And the other time I was in a shop too. Hum, it’s worth wondering…

Or possibly, it could be because I had such an awful christmas last year and I want to make up for it?

And this got me to thinking: what signs do I usually have to feel that christmas is on it’s way?

1. The Coco Cola advert (the nice traditional one with the lorry)

2. The coldness brrrrrr

3. When the leaves are painted with frost that sparkles like glitter in the yellowy sunshine

4. Starting my advent calendar (which I still have, even at 24!) 🙂

5. Christmas music played in the shops

Oh now I’m feeling chrismassy again, lol