Hello!!! So this is my very first blog. I’m marking my territory, or something like that. Okay, so confessions first: I am quite the dinosaur when it comes to all things technological, it took me long enough to start using facebook. But, having said that I really can see the benefits.

A bit about moi: (Back story~ English Literature graduate, class of 2010) So I’m currently writing a novel, something that’s taken me long enough to plan, believe me!  The devil’s in the detail and all that jazz! I also write short stories. And I’m getting married! Ah! Well that’s a year and a half away, but from my experience, time tends to get away from me, to slip through my fingertips. So much so that I tend to find myself asking, what day is it? What date is it? What? October already? Lol. I also do a bit of internet admin on a voluntary basis to help my fiance out. And I try to keep the house, which is a big enough task in itself! What is it that they say, A Woman’s Work Is Never Done. That in my case, is definitely true.

So what’s on my mind today? Writing this blog for one. Truth be told it’s a little daunting. But, I’m a firm believer that every so often we have to do something that scares us. It’s good for the heart and for the soul.

There we go! Tis done. I can now tick this off my evergrowing to-do list.

Toodle Pip!!!     xxx xx x